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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started.
  • To advertise, simply click on the "SellK" button or Post an Ad.
  • Enter your Listing detail (Title, Price, Categories, Description and Location) with photo
  • Click on continue button to post your ads (You can always check your Ad on your profile page by click on "View all Listing")
  • Click on the login icon following by "Forgot Your Password?"
  • Key in your Username or Email Address
  • Check your email (Inbox and SPAM/JUNK), then click on link provided from us to reset your new password. The Password should be at least seven characters long and should not contain any spaces in-between. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols like ! " ? $ % ^ & ) and Click on Reset Password.
  • You can easily search for item by using keyword/location/categories search bar on the top of

If you fail to register, there could be 3 reasons;

  • The username you had chosen is already taken, you must choose a different username.
  • Your email address could be already registered earlier by you. If you are rejected, there will be an error message, look out for it and see what is the error message
  • Invalid characters or spaces in your username
  • It will be published until you choose to delete it
  • View all listing, edit ads, Save changes
  • Tap on the item that you're interested and contact the seller with the contact number provided or comment under the Listing.
  • You may also ask for more details and even request for more photos.
  • Continue contact the seller to decide on how to complete the transaction - some possible ways include bank transfer & postage, via meetup, or via Cash On Delivery.
  • Make sure to confirm the dealing method and dealing price with the seller.

Is it Safe to buy on SellK? and how can I know if the seller is a possible scam or is fraudulent?

  • Always check and read the descriptions of the Items. Have an idea of how much they cost in shops and do a comparison. There will be a price difference if the item is Brand new vs 2nd hand.
  • Ask questions; ask for more real live photos or receipts before confirming.
  • Get seller's name and contact number.
  • Check their reviews if available
  • Common sense: If the item / product is too cheap to be True.
  • Choose to meetup / self collect when possible
  • Check if the seller has an online store or listings elsewhere so that you can check their reviews.
  • Make sure that you provide clear and full information of the product your selling to prevent issues / complaints from buyers.
  • In order to sell well, do set realistic prices that users will accept.
  • Take proper clear and sharp photos
  • Make sure that your contact details such as email address and telephone number is clear and correct.
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  • Alternatively, you can simply Copy & SHARE the link you posted (Usually the images are auto loaded)