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Limited Time Offer Only until 08/02/2017!! An Offer you cannot miss!❄️

Buy 1 Eye Cream Free 1 Lip Balm worth RM 59.00!! WOW!!! WOW!!! 2 colours to choose from ? So pretty ahhhh!!~

?安米娜精华眼霜ANMYNA Repair & Nourish Eye Cream?
拒绝细纹 NO Fine Line
拒绝暗沉 NO Dull
拒绝浮肿 NO Puffiness
拒绝黑眼圈 NO Dark Circles
拒绝松弛 NO Looseness
拒绝脂肪粒 NO Fat Granules


And, 2 types of lip balm colours to choose from too! 

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